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I just joined this community to share the sadness that I'm sure many people have.

I have a disease. It is a sad horrible disease, but I can not get rid of it. I was born with this awful disease.

Let me explain.

I can't GAIN WEIGHT. I am so depressed because all I do is eat and eat, and I LOVE eating, but I only weigh 110lbs and I just want to eat more. My metabolism is so high that I actually LOSE weight the more I try to put it on. Oh how depressing. Poor me. I can't get over it, I cry every night because I just want to eat and gain some weight because I am too thin. Everyone says I look good, and I've even been asked if I'm anorexic, yet I eat more than anyone I know, including my boyfriend who weighs around 300 lbs.

What can I do to gain weight? My life is falling apart because I am so hungry and everyone around me is coming down because of my disease. They all know about it and try to support me, but it just doesn't help.

Someone help me, my life is in danger, I probably eat a good 5-6000 calories every day yet I weigh nothing, I am smaller than almost ALL of my friends, and I'm GOING DOWN THE DRAIN!

*cries* help me gain weight. Support my illness. There isn't anything I can do about it, it's a disease. A DISEASE. I caught it from my cat. He eats a lot too.....

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