Belinda (belindashort) wrote in anagurls,

I have a problem

I've been recovered from my ED for about 7 years now. I've done very well. I've even gained some weight but maintained my health pretty well and dealt with that- no problems.

My problem has always been that due to my blood disorder I haven't been able to exercise much, so I always tried unhealthy ways to lose weight or keep my figure.

Well, due to my blood disorder, I'm starting to have trouble with my hips. I saw a doctor about it and the first thing that he told me to do was lose some weight. He said that if I lose weight that I will keep my hips longer and I won't have to get them replaced as soon. I've been worried that I'll fall back into old habits. I've already lost about 5 lbs, and not really the healthy way, but I can't really exercise and now any extra stress I put on my hips is extremely painful. I think I can swim, I just need someone to come with me and I've got severe panic disorders. This isn't really something I can talk to my S.O. about either.

I guess this is just me letting it out
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