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This is it. I am seriou now to get back 2 45kg. I will only eat a cup of soup each day on wedthur, friday and then will plan the next few days . i ave decided to take this bit by bit because wen i plan 2 far ahead i screw up.i dont want bf getting suspicious. I bought red bull 2day so ican stay awake in class wen sugar levels drop.I would love 2 get back o 97lbs and i know ican, I am currently 1o9. how long do u think this should take. I tinkk i can do it pretty fast. B4n pls add me and wish me luck.
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hey im about 49 kgs and im absolutely dying to be 45, just like you, 45 seems good, but im not sure if its enough!what do you think? i have known ana on and off for about 2 years, but sometimes I leave her, which is horrible and i am soooooooo fat and bad when i do that! do you have msn, we could exchange tips and stuff, add me if so..sophie_roome@hotmail.com
god luck i've added you.what are your stats?x