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Quick question

Well i wanted to ask this in a community dedicated to helping girls instead of the many dedicated to helping girls become more addicted to ana. I'm just trying to get a better understanding of this dieses for a friend of mine....

I wanted to ask why did you guys feel the need to lose weight? i mean did you just look in the mirror and say i'm fat or did it come from other sources? and if so what other sources did it come from ex. school, tv, fashion, music, movies? and i'm sorry but last question if it did come from the last four *tv,fash,mus,movies* can you get specific as to which movies or musicians started to make you feel different about yourself?
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Hey, another ednos here. For me, it wasn't so much being told I was fat, or not beautiful, it was much more vague than that. It was simply feeling like I wasn't good enough, and feeling a lack of control. So somehow I managed to become convinced that gaining control of when and how much I ate, and losing weight would make me what the world seemed to want me to be. I'm not sure if that makes much sense. But it has been just a feeling of not being good enough in any area of life.
hello there. i'm a recovering ednos, and i just wanted to put in my two pennies-worth.
i was fat; literally. at 180 lbs and 5'5", that was NOT good. i gained because i was being overfed by parents and by a babysitter who ended up sexually abusing me. the babysitter also verbally abused me; calling me hateful and truly degrading names. december of '05 i got the monthly vogue, and in it i saw a really beautiful picture of a lanky girl [jessica stam]. i wanted to be her, and by january 1st of '06 i decided after 8 years of being fat that that was enough. also, my mom took me to my now-favorite store called forever 21, and i couldnt fit anything on me because my arms were way too fat. i also barely fit into h&m. i vowed to come back to F21 when i was anorexic, and surely enough i returned in May. right now i'm at around 138 lbs, and i was at 133 but thats because i'm replenishing my body. i also have no period, and i'm expecting it any day now.
it's been a long hard road to recovery, but i'm getting a whole lot better.

so, yeah, i started by both looking in the mirror and by looking at a fashion ad. here it is:
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honestly, for me this all started out as a simple diet, i wanted to lose a few pounds, and became very obsessed with calories, fat content, and exercising.
i'm ednos.i felt flabby when i was with boyfriends and that they were clencing fat and not sexy curves.started with diet too then became too obsessed x
heya. just wanted to say that i feel the exact same way as you.
i'm a size 8/10 but i sometimes feel huuge!
how much do you weight now if you don't mind me asking. and do you think the boys that you meet are happy with the way you look now?!
my boyfriend says i'm not fat and that i don't need to loose weight but i know that i do and it'd be a great help to get me more inspired if you could anser whether they were happy with the weight you'd lost?
thanks. Gwen.x
Fashion has definitely played a factor, but I don't think media can cause an eating disorder. For me personally, my eating disorder is linked to something as simple as problems with my brain chemistry that have also played a part in my "emotional problems." The media aggravates body image issues and narrow-minded concepts of beauty, but compulsively skipping as many meals as I can, eating too much when I'm alone, and buying laxatives the next chance I get? No, I wouldn't say that movies, music, television, or the fashion industry causes that.