durolaurena (durolaurena) wrote in anagurls,

to my beautiful people

Hello, My name Is Lauren and I'm a survivor. FOr the past four years I have struggled with binging, purging, and fasting for weeks on end. It went as bad to the point where i went bald and down to 80 pounds. MY parents put me in a recovery center where I found the strength to stand up to myself once and for all. I know what it is like to like on half a tub of cottage cheese every day, and I am ehre to say it sucks. and is NOT WORTH IT. Please answer some of these for me and for yourself
1. Fast or binge
2. ideal weight
3. bad heart or rotten teeth
4. dead brain or dead body
5. bald head or fat-free body
6. endorphins or a binge high
7. accepting youself, or needing others to accept you

It's been two years since ive done anything associated with ed's, and I hope I am done with it altogether. I am Vegan because it is still very ahrd for me to deal with food, but Im here to say that there is hope and you can redeem your body and still love it.
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