♥Natalie♥ (imelbows) wrote in anagurls,


I don't have a problem with weight or anything. I weigh about 135 and I'm 5'9. I'm very athletic and things so I'm not in here for support for myself. My sister is 21 and she has problems with weight. She used to be anorexic, then became bulimic. Now, she eats as little as possible and goes to the gym excessively. I'm worried about her and I think she's going to pass out and have something serious happen to her. With eating so little and then exercising so much it's unsafe. I'm also here because my best friend, who moved away told me she only allows herself to eat 300 calories a day. All she eats are apples and all she drinks is water. She allows herself 2 apples a day and then as much water as she wants. She doesn't think she has a problem. I've told her to tell her therapist but she won't because she doesn't think it's bad. Please help.
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