Queen Rachel (oh_itz_you) wrote in anagurls,
Queen Rachel

i'm new :D

hey everyone...i'm new here...my name is rachel, i'm 16 turning 17...i have struggled with ana/mia for about a year and a half, and i decided i'm sick of it...i was sick of losing my friends and having everyone tell me i had a problem and all the things associated with it. i thought i had convinced myself that it was wrong, but now i'm not so sure. my best friend kinda introduced me to it, and we were so close for a while, sharing our stories, being each others' "thinspiration", but recently our friendship ended because i tried to take a break from it all and things went bad... i'm starting to eat less and less...sometimes it's semi-deliberate...i mean i think "oh, you're hungry, rachel. don't eat. it'll make you fatter..." but, sometimes i just don't eat because i don't have any time...i'm starting to get even more stressed with school and i just need someone to talk to about everything...i also want to help anyone who needs someone to talk to, too...my e-mail is ounlop@hotmail.com, my aim is playetterachies, and my yahoo is ii_jolly_x_racher_ii
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