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just me...

so, my name's teffer (nickname for stephanie) and I'm fifteen. I first met ana about four years ago, around the time my body started changing. it's been a love/hate relationship ever since; I never lost more than fifteen pounds at a time, but she had mentally. my every waking moment was ruled by her. I was obsessed with everything that went into my mouth; I felt nauseated, greasy, and fat every time I ate. I don't know exactly when I started eating again; there was no big turning point, I just gradually started once I realized that I was messing up my body. now I'm pretty much past it, but I still have weeks when I have to skip meals to avoid falling apart, and days when I feel disgusting if I eat too much/ the wrong kind of food. I'm trying to get to the point where I never think about her, but I'm far from it.

me on my 15th birthday

the body I am learning to love

hello, all!
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